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Mamo Wyoming class with Ogilvy SMP July 2012

I was invited to Wyoming with the Ogilvy SMP over the 4th July holiday. Here are images from two classes, a life drawing class and abstract expressionist class. Birthplace of Pollock so why not. Again a different group of people some of whom have not drawn in many years.

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Ogilvy WWB Sao Paulo Mamo Class May 2012


In May I took a class for Ogilvy’s World Wide Board. Among those in attendance was Worldwide Chief Creative Officer and Chairman, Tham Khai Meng for whom this was his second Mamo class. The class took place in the Hotel Unique in the Jardins district of Sao Paulo.

Here are a selection of images and quotes from the class

We always enjoy these creative inspiration sessions – so bring them on. Got the right brain going – felt like I was back in the caves 🙂 Bring a flint!

– Paul Heath – Chief Executive Officer – Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific

“Martin Morris leads rapid-fire life drawing workshops for artists and non-artists alike–one of the most freeing experiences I have had in a professional setting. If creativity matters to you, the workshop is a great way to tune up your perceptual and visual skills–while having fun!”

– Carla Hendra Global Chairman, OgilvyRed

“Martin’s mark-making class was, hands down, the most amazing creative experience I’ve had as an adult. I’m one of those people who truly believed, before Martin’s class, that my ability to be creative through visual mediums had been left in gradeschool. Not so. The historical background he gave was enough to whet my appetite, and the level of comfort and creative energy that he generated in the room was amazing. In under 2 hours, I was able to produce easily the best drawings I’ve ever made in my life, all because of some mental and marking exercises that temporarily relieved me of the societal inhibitions and restrictions that normally stifle my creativity. Yes, it’s one of those experience I won’t ever forget as long as I live; but more importantly, it’ll affect my most important career decisions.”

– Justin White, Research Analyst, Ogilvy & Mather New York

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Sao Paulo Ogilvy Class Drawings May 2012

Here are a selection of Images from the Mamo Sao Paulo class for Ogilvy’s WWB. Some draw on occasion others not for several years and some not since childhood. The ink drawings are quite brilliant.

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