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RCA Alumni Class 2012

These images are from the RCA Alumni class I taught this year. The students are from all areas of art and design. The class focused on speed and instinct graduating from smaller scale to large scale drawings, requiring a more physical approach. Involving observation, memory and playing with the surface and materials. The aim was to get people to question how they went about drawing and to question their preconceptions of how they act and think. Thanks to everyone who came.

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Oldest Cave Art – Red Dots

The worlds oldest known marks found in Spain dating back 40,000 years. These marks are red dots and hand prints. It could point at the beginnings of recorded language. These dots/prints/symbols are found at 11 different sites which may suggest a passing on of graphic symbolic marks to individuals within a group or from one group to another. Caves such as Lascaux contain marks and images that are found in smaller caves in the region pointing to the meeting of minds. People coming together in larger caves like Lascaux, comparing experiences they had in the spirit world and the images revealed to them.

These dots and prints and the their age could be a step closer to the ”Big Bang” in the physical recording of the human nervous system.



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