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Storyboards for Almay

Storyboards for Almay through Bullion Productions. They read from top to bottom rather than left to right. Available for Storyboard work, please email me.

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Storyboards for Toni&Guy

Not technically moving but boards for moving image sequences. For Toni&Guy through Bullion Productions.

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Imperial College Drawing selection – Quick drawings of a boxer

Our model, Sebastian has trained in boxing for many years, so we took advantage of this and had him provide quick dynamic poses. The drawings were mad with brush and ink, some also with a long bamboo stick. There is no time to think and through this panic and then letting go the student produces drawings that contain movement and power.

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Disclosure – F For You Promo

I animated, designed and composited on this promo, directed by Ross McDowell and Ben Murray through Bullion Productions. Back Projected onto a 50 foot screen and shot in camera with a little post added afterwards.

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