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Ogilvy Detroit Found Art Class

In the summer of 2016 Paul Smith at Ogilvy invited me to Detroit to run a found art class based on the ideas of Marcel Duchamp, Robert Rauschenberg and Ai Weiwei.

I had to develop a method and approach that enthused the delegates, convincing them that they were artists and as artists they could see the world and the objects in it in different ways. How do you become and artist? You just declare yourself one and decide to move about the world around you more intensely.

Faced with Motor City at a time when it is broken, when junk is strewn everywhere; how could they reclaim these discarded objects? Raise them up, find meaning and show them to us in a new light?

This was the most challenging but also the most successful project I have taken on. As usual Paul Smith pushed me to my limits and thus my outlook on what is possible, not just in the students but myself.




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Falmouth March 2017

I was asked by Andy Joule on the animation course at Falmouth to come down and spend a few days running classes.

Over three days I headed 6 classes with between12 and 25 students per class. The goal being to give confidence to teh students and get them to free up.

A good time was had by all, I hope, and thanks to Andy Falmouth Animation for having me!

There are a lot of them as there were many students and there is some very good stuff.

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RCA Extra Mural Classes End of Feb 2017

With belts being squeezed across departments in Universities some students find themselves in a position of wanting to know more about drawing but without access to funds from their given institution. Students from the RCA communications department reached deep into their own pockets and so I was fortunate enough to lead three, three hour classes over three weeks.

I feel very honoured to get such interest from a new generations of designers and artists. Several Alumni came along also.

Here are a few images from these short sessions

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