MEQ and EER Examples

MEQ’s (Module Evaluation Questionaires)

Module Impact

Module 5001 Process and Purpose.

This Module focused on approaches to drawing and technology.

These are the MEQ results for the Module 2017/18 before I took it over and redesigned it.
They give an indication of where the module was and how it was performing


meq1718 chart











And here are the MEQ results for the Module 2018/19 after I took it over and redesigned it. 

meq1819 chart

Improvements can be seen across the board after implementation of interlinking and dynamic drawing sessions that utilised drawing as complimentary practice to drawing and

As a response to the criteria used in marking question (9) the year team have implemented a face to face formative assessment point at the end of the first semester toward giving clarity to the student experience.


EER (External Examiner Reports)

This is to evidence External Examiner recognition of the combination of Drawing and VR technology as an area of good practice.

Ext Exam 001

Ext Exam 002

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