Neutrinos faster than the speed of light?

The first known observation of a neutrino, on November 13, 1970. A neutrino hit a proton in a hydrogen bubble chamber. The collision occurred at the point where three tracks emanate on the right of the photograph.

Up until now it has been believed that the fasted measurable ”thing” in the Universe was the speed of light. This may have changed. Einsteins special theory of relativity depends on light being the fasted thing in the universe but results from Cern may have turned this on its head. In tests carried out over a distance of 732km Neutrinos arrived at their destination a ”fraction of a second” early, hence faster than the speed of light. Please follow the link for more info

Neutrinos are a fundamental particle that make up the Universe and one of the least understood and are not effected by electromagnetic forces

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