What is a MAMO class?

MAMO is a unique, eye opening and wholly original experience centred on drawing that bridges the gap between art practice and the needs of the business community.  MAMO’s classes have been developed over several years at the highest levels of art education and practice, coming from a background that includes art history, fine art, graphic art and film.

MAMO’s classes, while feeling familiar, are unlike anything you have done before.  People from all backgrounds attend MAMO’s classes, from A level art students to major advertising agencies, from professional artists to academics and architects to secretaries.

What you will take away from a MAMO class will inevitably feed into your life and work.  You will find taking a MAMO class a liberating, fun and rewarding experience that will stay with you long after it has finished.

What MAMO’s class does

Why MAMO is important


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