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RCA Alumni 2011 Master Copies

One of MAMOs main aims is to come at old problems from new angles! Here are presented several interpretations of famous paintings. The goal of this section of the class was to expand ones concentration from 30 to 40 second bursts to one or more hours. By setting up a model and a copy of a painting the students would, every few minutes, change from drawing one to the other and vice versa. This informs ones eyes in new way, gives a different view of images burdened by the weight of history and allows one to see colour, tone and light from a different perspective. No two people see, experience or respond to the world in the same way, even when copying a picture. One student proclaimed that even though he knew the Cezanne very well and had ”seen” it many times there was a figure in the painting that had only then revealed itself to him due to the intense looking required when drawing.

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